Diamond Wire Sawing

Diamond wire saw contractors in the UK

Diamond wire sawing is used in the most demanding of scenarios and can be invaluable when other cutting or drilling techniques are not suitable for the job. Diamond wire sawing is achieved by using a length of diamond encrusted wire which is then wrapped around the object to be cut and run through a pulley system. This allows us to saw through complicated, awkward shapes and to do so at virtually limitless depths.

The process is fast, with the pulley system driving the wire around the material to be cut at 25 lineal metres per second. The saw is operated remotely making it very safe to use and this also means it is an ideal method to cut concrete beneath water for underwater or subsea cutting projects.

Hiring an expert diamond wire saw contractor is often the most cost-effective, safest and accurate solution where diamond wire sawing is a requirement. Please contact us or call on 01435 864666 for a no obligation quote.

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