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Diamond Drilling London

Diamond Drilling

Fast, precise, non-disruptive and dust free, diamond drilling is without a doubt the best method for creating clean circular holes in any hard materials including reinforced concrete, brickwork and natural stone...
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Floor Sawing London

Floor Sawing

This method of concrete sawing is typically put into action where large areas of a reinforced concrete slab or asphalt need to be removed or cut in some way. A floor saw is essentially a large motor with a...
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Track Sawing London

Track Sawing

Track sawing is a concrete cutting method typically used to make long, extremely precise vertical and horizontal cuts in reinforced concrete walls and floors for a wide variety of applications that can include...
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Hydraulic Diamond Sawing London

Hydraulic Diamond Sawing

Hydraulic diamond sawing is completed through the use of handheld, hydraulically powered saws mounted with a single diamond blade or chain. Due to them operating hydraulically, they possess an...
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Diamond Wire Sawing London

Diamond Wire Sawing

Diamond wire sawing is used in the most demanding of controlled demolition scenarios and can be invaluable when other cutting or drilling techniques are not suitable for the job. Diamond...
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Hydraulic Bursting London

Hydraulic Bursting

Hydraulic bursting is typically used when large masses, plinths, or other redundant reinforced or mass concrete structures need to be removed. To burst a structure apart, holes are first diamond core...
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Hydraulic Crunching London

Hydraulic Crunching

The hydraulic cruncher is a low vibration, quiet operating tool that can used as an efficient method to demolish a wide range of structures such as staircases, suspended slabs, and reinforced concrete...
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Brokk Demolition London

Brokk Demolition

Brokk robotic demolition machinery can be used for a wide range of demolition applications and when large structures need to be removed quickly and quietly, these machines can prove invaluable....
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Earth Anchors London

Earth Anchors

Precision Cutting are registered installers of Platipus earth anchors. These anchors do not require grout when being installed and as a result this eliminates any risk of environmental contamination...
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Diamond Drilling London

Cintec Structural Anchors

Precision Cutting are registered installers of Cintec structural anchors. Cintec anchors are very versatile in their application and can be used strengthen almost any structure whether it is a...
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