Hydraulic Bursting

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Hydraulic Bursting London

Hydraulic bursting is typically used when large masses, plinths or other redundant reinforced or mass concrete structures need to be removed. To burst a structure apart, holes are first diamond core drilled to allow the burster head to be inserted within the structure, the burster head is then pressurised and starts to expand within the hole to crack the concrete apart into manageable pieces.

As a vibration free demolition method, hydraulic bursting can be especially useful when working in noise and vibration sensitive environments such as offices and hospitals. Use of the burster is also mostly dust free. As a result, works can be completed in enclosed areas without the dust that is typical of standard demolition work. In this way, we can avoid the serious health risks caused by airborne dust without the need for the hire of expensive ventilation equipment.

Hydraulic bursting equipment can also be broken down quickly into several smaller components and carried through areas where access space is restricted. Because of this, concrete bursting is perfect for demolition works when working in areas with poor access where a regular excavator or large machine would otherwise struggle to access the works.


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