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Track sawing is a concrete cutting method typically used to make long, extremely precise vertical and horizontal cuts in reinforced concrete walls and floors for a wide variety of applications that can include:

Why Use Track Sawing?

Powered by a 3 phase 415v electrical supply, our track saw can cut concrete and other hard materials with exceptional speed. As a result, track sawing is often the better choice to form large openings when compared with stitch drilling. Cutting with the diamond track saw is much faster and the edges of openings will have a smooth finish.

Whilst track saws are typically used for the cutting of concrete or brick/block walls, track saws can also be put to use on floor slabs and any other flat surfaces where floor sawing may not be an option due to a lack of space to safely manoeuvre a floor saw or insufficient ventilation that is required when using conventional floor sawing equipment. It is also possible to reduce the width of staircases using diamond track sawing by mounting the track at an angle, running up the stair treads.

As this method of sawing uses a fixed track upon which the sawing motor is mounted, track sawing creates perfectly straight, smooth, clean cuts that cannot be replicated with any other method of concrete cutting.

The track saw is also a very safe tool to handle and operate. Operated by a remote handheld control panel, the operator can stand back a considerable distance from the track saw to eliminate any risks from flying debris etc. To further reduce this risk the track saw is always equipped with a blade guard when cutting.

Whilst cutting through thick areas of concrete to form rectangular openings, the track saw may need to form over cuts in order to fully isolate a section of concrete to be removed. This however can be avoided if necessary, by diamond core drilling holes in each corner to fully release the section to be removed.

As with most methods of diamond cutting, water is contentiously introduced to the blade to cool the diamond segments and to eliminate the creation of dust. The slurry that is subsequently produced whilst sawing can be contained with wet vacuums to provide a finish with minimal mess. The introduction of water also prevents the diamond blade from “glazing over”. This occurs when (due to overheating) the metal bond of a diamond segment seals over the exposed diamond embedded within the segment. Once the diamond is sealed over in this way, the rate at which concrete is cut is significantly reduced.

Hiring a track sawing contractor is the most cost effective, safe and accurate solution to your wall cutting requirements. Please contact us for a no obligation quote either by phone or email.


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