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Fast, precise, non-disruptive and dust free, diamond drilling is without a doubt the best method for creating clean circular holes in any hard materials including reinforced concrete, brickwork and natural stone. With an enormous range of available diameters and the capability to drill to almost any depth, diamond drilling is a useful technique used to create holes for any purpose including electrical and plumbing installations.

Water is introduced to the core bit whilst cutting proceeds and this eliminates the creation of dust. This water and the resulting slurry can be effectively controlled with the use of a wet vacuum to prevent creating mess and provide a clean finish. In this way, time consuming clean up can be done away with, reducing costs and ensuring important installation works can proceed without delay.

In areas where the use of water is not an option (due to nearby electrical installations, expensive plant or machinery, finished surfaces/walls, etc.) core holes can be drilled dry. Using a dry vacuum attached directly to our core drill, virtually all dust created while drilling is contained.

Diamond core drilling can be completed using handheld drilling motors which are perfect for smaller holes and working within restricted spaces. Alternatively, core holes can be drilled using core drilling rigs and large rig mounted motors which provide more stability and increased torque and power to increased production rates. Rig mounted core drilling also reduces operator fatigue, and this means our operatives can provide a fast, consistent performance to produce results under pressure.

Why Use Diamond Core Drilling?

Precision Cutting Ltd can provide diamond core drilling for a wide number of purposes, including:

What is Stitch Drilling?

A drilling process known as “stitch drilling” can also be employed where each hole overlaps another to create a slot, opening or in some cases to completely isolate a large section of concrete slab or wall neatly and without the need for any saw cuts.

Hiring a diamond drilling contractor is the most cost effective option for achieving professional, safe and precise core drilling work. If you have a requirement for diamond core drilling, please contact us by phone or by email for a quote.


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