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This method of concrete sawing is typically put into action where large areas of a reinforced concrete slab or asphalt need to be removed or cut in some way. A floor saw is essentially a large motor with a single diamond blade attached. The saw can be driven by a single operator who walks behind the machine as cutting of the slab progresses.

We operate with two main types of floor saw. For high productivity, using large, extremely powerful diesel/petrol engine saws is most cost effective. These saws cut through reinforced concrete at an exceptional rate and do so at a great range of depths.

When diamond sawing in areas where exhaust fumes may become an issue, 3 phase electric powered saws are a great alternative. Whilst slightly slower to cut than their larger, diesel engine counterparts, a 3 phase saw will still produce cut very quickly and can be invaluable when a requirement to complete diamond floor sawing works indoors arises. Again, these saws can also operate at a wide variety of depths and will cut through the hardest of materials and reinforcement with ease.

Why Use Floor Sawing?

Diamond floor sawing can be used for a variety of applications, such as:

Driven rather than simply pushed along, these saws also provide steady cutting rates, thus reducing the amount of wear incurred to our diamond blades and allow an operative to work for longer without becoming fatigued. This of course means both reduced consumable usage and increased productivity and therefore a lower overall cost for our clients.

As with most diamond cutting, water is introduced to the blade to cool the diamond segments and to eliminate the creation of dust. The slurry that is subsequently produced whilst sawing can be contained with wet vacuums to provide a finish with minimal mess. The introduction of water also prevents the diamond blade from “glazing over”. This occurs when (due to overheating) the metal bond of a diamond segment seals over the exposed diamond embedded within the segment. Once the diamond is sealed over in this way, the rate at which concrete is cut is significantly reduced.

3 phase floor saws also provide a much quieter method of concrete cutting and this can be a great asset when working in densely populated areas.


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