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Diamond Wire Sawing London

Diamond wire sawing is used in the most demanding of controlled demolition scenarios and can be invaluable when other cutting or drilling techniques are not suitable for the job. Diamond wire sawing is completed by using a length of diamond encrusted wire which is then wrapped around the object to be cut and run through a pulley system. If necessary, multiple pulley wheels can be fixed in various locations around a mass of concrete to be cut. This enables the wire to be manipulated as required and routed around the concrete structure in whatever path is deemed appropriate. The flexible nature of wire sawing allows us to saw through complicated, awkward shapes and to do so at virtually limitless depths. This offers a stark contrast when compared with conventional circular blade diamond sawing which in some circumstances can severely restrict the depth at which concrete can be cut.

Like with conventional diamond sawing, the wire is continually cooled with a supply of water. This can be delivered to the wire in a number of ways, but most typically it is sprayed at several points along the cut line to ensure the integrity of the diamond wire is not compromised. The introduction of water also prevents the wire from overheating and “glazing over” and this in turn keeps the wire cutting at maximum speed. “Glazing over” occurs when (due to overheating) the metal bond of a diamond wire segment seals over the exposed diamond embedded within the segment. Once the diamond is sealed over in this way, the rate at which concrete is cut is significantly reduced.

As with most diamond cutting, water is also introduced to the wire to eliminate the creation of dust. The slurry that is subsequently produced whilst sawing can be contained with wet vacuums and a bund to provide a finish with minimal mess.

The wire sawing process is fast, with the pulley system driving the wire around the material to be cut at 25 lineal metres per second. The saw is also operated remotely, allowing operatives to distance themselves from the working machinery. This makes wire sawing a very safe option to cut through concrete. Not only is operating remotely an aid for safety, it also means that wire sawing is an ideal method to cut concrete beneath water for underwater or subsea concrete cutting projects.

Due to the expert knowledge, training and experience that is necessary to operate a wire saw safely and efficiently, hiring a wire saw contractor is the most cost-effective and accurate solution where complex diamond cutting is required.


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