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Hydraulic Diamond Sawing London

Hydraulic diamond sawing is completed through the use of handheld, hydraulically powered saws mounted with a single diamond blade or chain. Due to them operating hydraulically, they possess an exceptional amount of power and torque which increases productivity significantly. For extra versatility, the hydraulic power packs which are used to power these diamond saws can be fuelled by either a petrol engine or by a 3 phase, 415v electrical supply. Therefore, by eliminating the production of exhaust fumes with a 3 phase power pack, concrete cutting works can be completed in areas with poor ventilation. Whilst operating a 3 phase hydraulic power pack and saw, noise can also be kept to a bare minimum. This makes hydraulic diamond sawing a perfect option for creating cuts when working near housing, hospitals, places of work and other noise sensitive locations.

Why Use Hydraulic Diamond Sawing?

Hydraulic diamond sawing can be useful for various works, such as:

The most typical handheld diamond saw we use is called the “Ring saw” and this functions much in the same way as an angle grinder. However, this saw can cut through reinforced concrete and other hard materials extremely quickly with a nice, clean cut, is vibration free and can reach depths of up to 260mm. The ring saw blade is continually cooled with a direct water feed and this also prevents the creation of dust. The slurry which is created while cutting can be easily contained through the use of a wet vacuum, leaving areas of work clean, tidy and ready for other trades to complete finishing works. The introduction of water also prevents the diamond blade from “glazing over”. This occurs when (due to overheating) the metal bond of a diamond segment seals over the exposed diamond embedded within the segment. Once the diamond is sealed over in this way, the rate at which concrete is cut is significantly reduced.

Another type of hydraulic diamond saw that Precision Cutting Ltd can employ is the diamond chainsaw. This piece of equipment, as its name suggests, is based upon on a regular wood cutting chainsaw, with diamond segments mounted on the chain. This tool can be used to plunge cut and as a result is invaluable when creating openings in brickwork, reinforced concrete, and blockwork walls for windows/doors, etc. with square corners and zero overcutting.


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